Vendor Tips

Things to know, find out or bring, that will improve your success.

  • Am I indoor or outdoor?
    • If outdoor do i need to bring some sort of tent shade?
  • How much space do you have?
  • Are the following provided?
    • Tables
    • Table cloths
    • Chares
    • Trash cans
  • How much table space do I have?
  • What type of back drop do I have?
    • Pole & drape?
    • Wall?
    • None?
    • What do I need to hang a banner behind me?
      • Are hooks provide?
      • Zip ties, rope, twine, tape ect.
  • Know the vendor set up time
  • What is the parking situation.
    • location?
    • Is there a fee for parking?
  • Is wifi available (in case you need it for payments)
    • Is WIFI free or an additional cost.
    • What is the password if protected.
  • Is electricity available?
    • Fee?
    • Deadline to register for an electrical hook up?
  • Am i assigned a vendor location or do i choose my space?
  • Is there food for sale at the venue or near by?
  • What is the event website, social media pages,
    • Connect with the event as many ways you can.
      • Many people attending the event will be following the the events website and  social media sites. Be active with these by contributing relevant information about what you are providing or your event specials. You may draw sales before the event by doing this. You will also be educating people of your products/services. This way you can spend more time at the event closing warm leads you created in you pre event communication with qualified leads.
  • What other opportunities are available to you as a vendor/exhibitor/sponsor of the event. and are there any extra charges?
    • logo placement on websites, t-shirts, programs, flyers, posters,  or printed promotional items.
      • Send in your logo as soon as you can so you don’t miss out on any possibilities.
      • Can banners be hung around the area?
      • Program ads.
      • Product placement in give away bags
      • Spoken voice ads.
      • Can you give away some product for a prize of some sort?
        • If this is possible and you are doing it. Get it set up asap so you can reap the benefits of the extra advertising. Many times I find that people contact me at the last minute wanting to make a donation to one of the competitions within my event. I love the gesture and the competitors do too. But If I knew of is sooner I would love to announce these type of things and promote the company doing the give away. If we can prepromote is together we can create more buzz and you receive much more credit traffic.
          • These are good things to promote through the events social media site. You can funnel the traffic to your site by marketing a post about it and typing your website url within the post.
      • Can you hold little contests, raffles, giveaways at your booth?
        • Thinks of exciting ways to draw people into your booth.
        • Think of creative ways to get people to register their email with your.
        • If you create some sort of event or contest at your booth. Then find out what resources are available to let attendees know about these attractions.
        • Are you an expert of some kind? Then maybe you can create a little talk or demonstration at your booth at certain times? Then invite people from your contact list.
        • You could invite some kind of an expert or popular figure within the demographic of the attendees. Promote before the event. Invite people to come to your booth to meet the popular figure.
      • Are you given complimentary tickets to the event to give away to clients? Or do you get any special admission discounts for referring spectators to the event. If so……Take advantage of this by creating a pre event campaign. Come up with creative ways to gain new contacts by giving these tickets away to those who register with you in some fashion. You can also invite loyal customers to come to your booth to take advantage of your special event opportunities.



  • Bring a way to accept payment via credit debit card.
  • Create a booth that is attractive, inviting makes visitors feel comfortable.
  • Ask questions that stimulate thought and encourage conversation.
  • Ask open-ended questions – beginning with who, what, where, when, why or how.
  • Be aware that everyone is watching you. Dress and act in an appropriate manner.
  • Ask questions instead of pitching
  • Identify and prioritize the top three reasons why you are going to each trade show.
  • To gather sales leads or sell your products or services to attendees and other exhibitors
  • Promote new products/product launch; “new” is the most powerful word on the show floor to attendees.
  • Enhance your corporate image or corporate message as an industry leader (branding/awareness)
  • Educate your audience regarding your products and/or services
  • Cement existing client relationships to garner repeat sales
  • Conduct business meetings before or after show hours with attendees you can’t otherwise reach
  • Obtain press/media coverage
  • Identify and recruit new distributors/dealers/representatives/employees
  • Perform competitive and market research
  • Attend educational sessions
  • Identify the products or services you will showcase and determine how you will display or demonstrate them.
  • Don’t Forget to Smile.
  • If samples of your product are tiny, prop them up high so it is easier for spectators to spot them.
  • Stimulate buyers’ senses. Incorporate technology into your trade show display.
  • Know your audience and focus your message on their needs.
  • Find ways to make introductions for other people.
  • Stay off the electronics. If your exhibitors are on their cell phones, laptops or any other devices, attendees will keep on walking.
  • Send e-mail reminders and a direct mail campaign to loyal customers and strong prospects before the show,urging them to stop by your booth.
  • Bring the appropriate cash to make change for sales.
  • Table cloth, banner. flyers, brochures, coupons, business cards, paper, pens pencils. tape. twine, zip ties,
  • Record all pertinent information on a lead form to facilitate follow-up.
  • What can you offer, or what reasons can you come up with for attendees to leave their contact info (email, phone number, address) with you at your booth.
    • Follow up with them after the event.
  • How can you cross promote with any of the other vendors at the event? Bring food and water for yourself.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.



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