Girls Gone RX

When: Saturday, November 8th, 2014 at 9:00am
Cost: $210/team

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As CrossFit athletes we have to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable. This is a 3 person team event, highlighting each teammates strengths and perhaps weaknesses. It will be a true testament of teamwork and communication. We are asking you to take yourself out of your comfort zone, even more so than you already do, and come participate in our 2014 Girls Gone Rx!


2014 NPC Idaho Cup

Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness and Bikini Championships.  Prejudging begins at 10:00am, tickets are $20.00 general admission.  Evening Finals are $30.00 general admission. Doors open at 5:15 pm. Show starts at 6:00pm.  Guest performers are IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joe DeRousie and IFBB Physique Pro Karen Hobbs.


Finals Tickets – $30.00 General Admission. Judging tickets are $20.00, General Admission. $45.00 for both if purchased together in advance through Ticketfly .

Judging – 10:00 AM, in order: Fitness routines, Masters Men (60, 50, 40), Fitness Two-Piece, Women’s Physique Over 35, Women’s Physique Open,  Mixed Pairs, Open Women BB,  Figure Over 35, Open Men – Bantam, Figure A, Men Light, Figure B,  Men Middle, Figure C, Light-Heavy, Figure D, Men Heavy, Junior Men Physique, Masters Bikini Fit Body (35 & 45), Men’s Physique Over 35, True Novice Bikini (A & B), Bikini A, Physique A, Bikini B, Physique B, Bikini C, Physique C, Bikini D, Physique D, Bikini E.

Finals/Evening Show – 6:00 PM: The same order as Judging. Score sheets will be available for competitors after each class as well as online at

Tickets (as available) can also be purchased at the door, the day of the event.

Guest Performers

Finals will feature IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joe DeRousie and IFBB Physique Pro Karen Hobbs.



2014 N.P.C Idaho-Cup Poster

2014 N.P.C Idaho-Cup Poster